The Game


Explore PCB the Game is an app-based game from Florida Jeep Jam. Follow the challenges provided by the app to accumulate points. There are multiple games and multiple prizes! See below for more details.


Explore PCB The Game

The Game starts Monday at 11am and ends at noon on Saturday. Over $5,000 combined prize value! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to Winners of The Game; plus a mega-bonus drawing (randomly selected from all participants)!


Explanation and Rules

  1. In order to play the game you must purchase the access on this page. Each access is $10. Only one access per email address.
  2. Allow 24 hours to receive your confirmation and for the system to update.
  3. Download the Eventzee app.
  4. Create an Eventzee account by entering an email address, password and username. You can only register with the email address used to purchase the game.
  5. Once you open the Eventzee app a screen will pop up with an empty box that says “Event Code.” Enter the Event Code TheGame24 and tap the button that says “Use Code.”

You are now entered in “The Game”. Challenges are open for everyone from Monday, May 13th until noon on Saturday, May 18th.


Follow the challenges provided by the app to accumulate points. Challenges have different point values depending on what they are.

You don’t have to finish all the challenges but the more you complete the better change you have of winning!

The person with the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. In case of a tie, a tiebreaker question will be asked. The fastest correct answer will determine the winner. All challenges will be reviewed for accuracy before the official winners will be announced.

The challenges will consist of completing tasks at a variety of locations throughout St Andrews and Panama City Beach. Challenges can range from quizzes, photography, scans, social media, and GPS.

The winners will be announced on Saturday, May 18th. Winners DO NOT have to be present to win but it will be a lot MORE fun if you are!

Stay focused on “The Game” We could add bonus challenges at any moment!

Good Luck, play fair and most of all Have FUN!